-The speaker line-up is set for the Oct. 6 New Music Seminar in Chicago, with Yahoo! Music GM Michael Spiegelman slated to make the keynote address. Like the NMS held in New York in July, the Chicago program is called a Symphony and will feature four movements, each designed to give insight into the new music business paradigm.

The first panel, or movement, entitled "Welcome To The New Music Business: Everything You Know Is Wrong," will focus on fan relationship management and feature panelists Emily White of Whitesmith Entertainment; David Hazan of the Bizmo; Lou Plaia of ReverbNation; and Martin Heath of Lizard King Records. The next panel, "Marketing for the next music business," features Brian Calhoun of Soundexchange and Music Business Toolbox; Dean Raissen of
Raise Up Music, who also books the Viper Room in Los Angeles; Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR; Corey Denis of Reapandsow; and Greg Estes of Mozes.

The third panel, on "the creative process and radical differentiation,"
will consist of recording artist Bad Boy Bill; Amy Phillips of Pitchfork; and Howard Greynolds of Overcoat Management. The final panel will consist of Martin Atkins of Invisible Records, who also authored the book "Tour:Smart;" Tom Windish of the Windish Agency; David Cooper of Foxman/Direct to Fan; Joe Carsello of the Metro; and Martin Folkman of Musician’s Atlas/Independent Music Awards

For more information on The New Music Seminar, you can go to www.NewMusicSeminar.biz or contact media@newmusicseminar.biz.

-Bug Music Publishing has signed an administration deal to represent Sacanegem Music, the publishing catalog of Rafael Moreira. As part of the deal Bug Music will represent Moreira's works for synchronization opportunities, and manage the digital release of his rock trio Magnetico’s “Songs About The World.”