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-- According to Comscore, 120.5 million viewers watched nearly 10 billion videos on in August. (Press release)

-- The evolution of YouTube's Content ID and how it has gone from anti-piracy to monetization tool. The post at tech blog NewTeeVee includes one news bit: yesterday YouTube announced it has combined its analytics tool, YouTube Insight, with Content ID. Content owners will be able to see stats for all videos - unofficial and official - in one place. So when there are seven unofficial uploads in addition to the one official upload for a song, the content owner can see stats for all eight. (NewTeeVee)

-- Have you ever heard somebody say, "If only one percent of the market buys the album..."? CD Baby founder Derek Sivers tells the story of a musician who ran a magazine ad for a new album. The magazine's circulation is one million. Just one percent of the circulation is 10,000. "The musician had pressed up 10,000 copies of his CD in anticipation of 10,000 orders that were sure to come through that week," he wrote. The orders, however, did not materialize. Over the next few weeks he received four orders. "He forgot there was a number lower than one percent." The post's comments section has some good insights. For example, the musician may have generated more attention - and more sales - if he simply gave away the music. There was mention of "top-down forecasting," which is a common way of estimating market size for business plans. And there's a mention of the fleeting nature of a magazine ad. It's just one ad in what should be a multi-faceted, long-term marketing campaign. Any one ad isn't going to do much. It's just one of (hopefully) many impressions. (Music Think Tank)

-- Topspin has a case study of the band Fanfarlo and offers the band's four-step process: don't suck; get others to introduce you to their audiences; make those audiences an offer they can't refuse; and repeat. Briefly, here's what happened: 35 fan acquisitions per 1,000 impressions; 272,000 impressions on widgets posted at 240 different domains; and 22% of people who saw the offer (album for $1 for a period of one month) made a purchase. More stats are in the post. (Topspin blog)

-- The 7digital MP3 Music Store for Blackberry is live. The store is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain. Currently, only three Blackberry models can access the store: the Bold 9000, the Curve 8900 and the Tour 9630. Tracks can be downloaded from either WiFi or over the air and can be downloaded only to removable MicroSD cards. ( and DevelopIQ)

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