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-- The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco beat a year-old legal challenge by state regulators that the venue was violating the terms of its restaurant-style liquor license. (SF Examiner)

-- The New York Times' Ben Sisario profiles Vinylmania , a once-a-week event for the record-buying public held at Downtown 161, a Manhattan-based distributor. Sisario adds the owners of other, recently closed stores to the story, too, in portraying an appetite for vinyl records that doesn't die when stores go out of business. It's the kind of retail environment perfect for the Internet if not for the thrill of the hunt and love of browsing in person. "To survive in a market in which most products are just a click away," writes Sisario, "the dealers serve micro-niches, catering to ever fewer but more discriminating customers." (New York Times)

-- Reading this column on developments in ticket pricing is like taking customers' temperature on key issues. The column presents what is probably very typical consumer sentiment. How will consumers respond to dynamic pricing, which Ticketmaster plans to implement? There might be some blowback. At what point in the research and buying process do people like to know the price of tickets? Some want to know the price of the ticket well before they decide to make a commitment. Do people equate ticket companies with ticket scalpers? If not now, then soon. (Jackson Citizen Patriot)

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