While online stores are claiming the majority of the sales pop as a result of the Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, brick and mortar merchants are observing rising sales from winners and performers -- but the results so far are not as high as last year.

"The only act that is showing a major impact from the Grammys is the Black Eyed Peas, but it's not big enough to make me go out and order more product on them," the head of purchasing at one large chain says. "The artist I bet my buy on was Lady Antebellum and so far [the band] has had about a 30% jump."

Newbury Comics head of purchasing Carl Mello says that while some titles have enjoyed a sales pick-up at the 28-unit, Brighton, Mass.-based chain, "none of the quantities are the amount you would expect after an award show."

At the 10-store, Portland, Maine-based Bull Moose, buyer Jim Pinfold says that so far this year's sales movement "does not compare with last year when Plant & Krauss, Coldplay, Radiohead and Adele" had big sales jumps. "We saw a bump on Black Eyed Peas, but are well prepared for it," Pinfold says.

But in Amarillo, Texas, Hastings Entertainment VP and divisional merchandise manager Phil McConnell says at the 150-unit chain, "We are seeing a bit of action." Unit-wise, "the biggest Grammy increases are for Black Eyed Peas and the Zac Brown Band. Percentage-wise, the Grammy compilation record, Dave Matthews Band, Beyonce and Green day have the biggest increases."

But those interviewed for this story say it's still too early to definitively say how Grammy sales will turn out for the week.