Nielsen Soundscan is launching new digital song genre charts, most of which will soon become part of the Billboard chart menu in print and on

Billboard's chart managers will oversee the digital genre charts, which includes reviewing tracks, assigning appropriate genres, and designating one overall core genre per song. A song may fit many genres, but will only be counted under one core genre.

The song core genres are blues, comedy, jazz, R&B/hip-hop, children, country, Latin, rock, Christian/gospel, dance/electronic, new age, world music, classical, holiday/seasonal and pop.

The song genres are blues, children, Christian/gospel, Christian, gospel, classical, comedy, country, dance/electronic, holiday/seasonal, jazz, Latin, Lain pop, Latin rhythm, regional Mexican, tropical, new age, pop, R&B/hip-hop, rap, reggae, rock and world music.

Additionally, to ensure standardized Nielsen SoundScan reporting cycles and equitable Billboard charting periods, Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard will no longer hold sales that occurred in a normal retailer's tracking week for inclusion in a subsequent week. This policy will go into effect immediately.

The Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard reporting week will continue to be based on a Monday-Sunday reporting cycle, with the understanding that some retailers operate under a Sunday-Saturday sales week.

Please feel free to reach out to director of charts Silvio Pietroluongo with any comments and questions regarding the newly launched digital song genre charts or the announced policy change. He can be reached at