The Italian album charts continue to be dominated by artists who appeared at this year's Sanremo Festival.

Taking the No. 1 spot for the third straight week is Marco Mengoni with the album "Re Matto" (RCA Sony). Mengoni, who last year won the TV talent show "X Factor" (which is broadcast on state-owned network Rai 2), came third at this year's Sanremo Festival, which ran from Feb. 16 to 20.

Ayane Malika, whose album Grovigli is released by the indie label Sugar, moves 3-2 on the chart. The artist didn't finish in the festival's top three, although she did win the critics' prize. She does not have a TV talent show background.

At No. 3, ahead of Michael Jackson's "This Is It," is the Sanremo Festival winner Valerio Scanu, whose album "Per Tutte Le Volte Che" is released by Capitol EMI. Scanu took second place in the 2008 edition of the TV talent show, "Amici di Maria de Filippi," broadcast on the Silvio Berlusconi-owned Canale 5
network. The album slipped from No. 2 the week before.

All three albums were released during the week of the Sanremo Festival. The three artists also appear in this week's top 10 digital download (singles) charts, along with two other Sanremo competitors, Noemi (Sony) and Arisa (Warner), even if the top spot was claimed by a non-Sanremo artist, Jovanotti (Universal).

The presence of Sanremo artists in the digital download singles charts was particularly strong in the first week after the festival, with eight competitors in the top 10. The same week industry body FIMI reported a 164% increase for digital downloads by Sanremo artists, compared to artists in the 2009 competition.

The Sanremo Festival, which celebrated its 60th edition this year, is considered Italy's flagship music event, even if its ability to sell records had declined in recent years.