While Record Store Day is a coordinated event launched by the three national retail coalitions, its up to each individual store to create their own magic, says Music Monitor Network executive director Michael Kurtz, one of the organizers of the day.

On Saturday, April 17, more than 1,400 stores around the world will hold Record Store Day events and Kurtz points to one of them as an example of what he means when he says that each store brings their own magic to the day.

In Seattle, Silver Platter owner Mike Platt has events planned for his two stores, which are also celebrating the company's 25th anniversery on that day. In the Northgate stores, Batt will have American Idol's Blake Lewis playing DJ beginning at 3 pm. In his Queen Anne neighborhood store, the day's performances will begin with a noon appearance by Amber Pacific, followed by the local Beatles cover band Cream Tangerine; a record signing by the Swedish goth metal band Him; and a performance by bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles. It also has local Beatles cover band, Cream Tangerine, playing a set.

In the evening, the day will culminate in a special event at the Queen Anne store. "People know us for our reputation of selling classic rock and deep catalog stuff," Batt says. "Where [other stores] are trying to bring in the newest acts for record store day, we are trying to bring in the legendary people from the 60's."

So he began by reaching out to the legendary Seattle acts, the Wailers Buck Ormsby told Batt that he and a couple of the other Wailers will come by and he also might bring along some Sonics, who are supposed to be back from a tour of Germany either today or tomorrow. Batt also reached out to the Ventures' Don Wilson and Moby Grape's Jerry Miller, who have agreed to come out for the day. "And then Howard Kaylan (of the Turtles), who is a big supporter of indi stores, heard about this happening and called up and said 'I will love to come.' And then a few days later, he called back and asked 'would you mind if I bring along Merrilee Rush," who had a big hit with "Angel of the Morning."

Exactly what will happen when they all show up at the same time is unclear. "Everyone has agreed to do a meet and greet and some of them have agreed to perform." In order to facilitate a performance, Batt says he will have instruments and equipment set up at the store.

Since the details are still being worked out, he is advertising the event as "What Do You get when you bring together members from the Sonics, Wailers, Ventures, Turtles and Moby Grape. Come in [to Silver Platters] and find out on Record Store Day at 5:30."

Kurtz says events like Silver Platter is "happening all over the country. If you talked to Bills Records in Dallas or Grimey's in Nashville, they will blow you away with what they got planned for the day too."

A check with Bills Records website shows two stages will be set-up, and the 12-inch stage will feature acts like the Marfa Lites, Dem Southern Folkz and Frontier Brothers while the 7-inch stage will have Iris Leu, Kevin Welch, King G.I., and Wailbone. In total, 16 acts are listed. Grimey's has six bands listed including American Bang and Daniel Pujol.

Beyond the support being supplied by artists, record labels and other suppliers for Record Store Day, the stores themselves are investing their own cash into making the day a big event. Eric Levin, a Record Store Day organizer who owns Criminal Records in Atlantic and heads up the Alliance of Independent Media Stores, is paying for the flight and hotel of 60's/70's soul cult act Rodguigez, whose albums have been re-issued by Light In the Attic. Other artists appearing at the store that day include Janelle Monae and Carolina Chocolate Drops.