Daft Punk Team Up With Coca-Cola For 'Club Coke'
Daft Punk Team Up With Coca-Cola For 'Club Coke'

Fresh off successful deals with French electronic duo Justice and British pop star Mika, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Daft Punk to design a new line of Coke bottles inspired by the techno stalwarts, according to Hypebeast and several other online reports.

The drink, known as "Club Coke," will be sold in gold and silver bottles, inspired by the duo's trademark helmets. A pair of videos that appeared online purporting to be soundtracks for a Daft Punk Coke commercial turned out to be forgeries.

The new line will be available beginning in March and will reportedly be marketed in dance clubs across France and the rest of Europe, as well as in a special collector's package that includes both bottles.

There is currently no word if "Club Coke" will be vended in the United States or any other countries. More information will be made available on the www.daftcoke.com site, which reportedly will go live in a matter of months.

For old time's sake, here's the group's 2005 Gap commercial with actress/singer Juliette Lewis (below).