The owners of Grimey's New and Pre-Loved Music, Doyle Davis (left) and Mike Grimes, take a quick break in the parking lot behind the store that services as a performance stage and retail space. (Photo: Glenn Peoples)

Buyers started forming a line outside Grimey's New and Pre-Loved Music in Nashville at 6pm Friday evening, co-owner Doyle Davis told By midnight the line was estimated at nearly 20 people. It paid to show up early. There was a long line at Grimey's well into the afternoon. Large crowds showed up for performances by JEFF the Brotherhood (the duo performed as a five-piece), PUJOL, Caitlin Rose, Langhorn Slim and many others. Inside the Basement, the venue downstairs from Grimey's, record buyers could take refuge from a surprisingly chilly day by getting a drink at the bar and watching movies such as "Brick and Mortar Love," a documentary about the late Louisville record store Ear X-Tacy, and the Andrew Bird concert documentary film "Fever Years."

Record Store Day: Fans Flock to Stores in NYC Area and Across the Globe

Record Store Day was a "massive, huge success," says co-owner Doyle Davis. "It was the biggest day we ever had. I wasn't sure we would beat last year, but we certainly did." The store's sales were up 42% over Record Store Day 2011, which had beaten the store's previous sales record by 72%. "We had solid, steady sales until the end of the day," says Davis, adding that the following day's sales were twice as good as a normal Sunday. Grimey's sales fared well as regular customers prepared for the big day. "We were having solid, strong days leading up to Record Store Day," says Davis. "It's usually extra slow leading up to Record Store Day."

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The Groove, another Nashville independent music retailer, also had its best sales day to date. Owner Louis Charette told that, "Every year, our Record Store Day sales seem to not only exceed the sales from the previous Record Store Day, but also become our most profitable day yet. We had an excellent turnout and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Despite the somewhat questionable weather, there was a great crowd -- both inside and outside of the shop -- all day long."

Record buyers lined up outside the Third Man Records building in downtown Nashville, TN on Saturday's Record Store Day. (photo: Jo McCaughey)

Long lines were the norm at Third Man Records in Nashville, too. General manager Ben Swank said Record Store Day was busy and "probably our most successful day financially to date" even though Third Man sold only its own vinyl releases and didn't host any live performances. Nevertheless, fans were lined up well into the afternoon to buy titles in either the physical store or Third Man's yellow-and-black mobile record store. "But more importantly," Swank continued, "it's very exciting and fulfilling for us to create some brand new concepts and products such as the liquid filled record and a playable etched record and get those directly into fan's hands and the public's consciousness."

Third Man Records' incredible liquid-filled vinyl record. This is a Record Store Day exclusive, limited-edition release of Jack White's "Sixteen Saltines" 12-inch single. (photo: Jo McCaughey)

JEFF the Brotherhood, Guitarist/singer Jake Orrall and drummer Jamin Orrall, were joined by guitarist William Tyler, keyboardist Loney Hutchins and bass player Karl Bergman for their Record Store Day performance. All five musicians played on the band's cover of Hawkwind's "Master of the Universe" that's on the third volume of United Record Pressing's "Upstairs at United" series. (Photo: Glenn Peoples)

Record Store Day customers were able to line up to purchase vinyl from the physical Third Man store as well as the Third Man rolling record store parked out front. (Photo: Jo McCaughey)

Nashville-based PUJOL, whose latest release came out on the Saddle Creek imprint, performs at Grimey's. The store's Record Store Day stage has hosted the likes of the Avett Brothers, Charlie Louvin and Mute Math on previous Record Store Days. (Photo: Glenn Peoples)

JEFF the Brotherhood and the three friends who joined them for their Record Store Day performance at Grimey's. The duo's upcoming Warner Bros. release, slated for a summer release, was recorded in Nashville with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. From left to right: Loney Hutchins, Karl Bergman, Jamin Orrall (JEFF the Brotherhood), Jake Orrall (JEFF the Brotherhood) and William Tyler. (Photo: Glenn Peoples)