Weird Merch: Purple Snow Coffee Celebrates Pre-Prince Minneapolis Funk

It's not often that we here at let our hair down -- we keep our mullets up in a bun between 9 and 5, just like you -- but it's important to keep in mind that this business of music is, more often than not, about enjoyment as much as it is about streaming royalty rates and worldwide publishing deals. In that spirit we present to you "Weird Merch." Enjoy.


Dark Matter Coffee, makers of such finely titled roasts as 'Old Dank Nic' -- "a festive cup with nuances of cocoa, cranberry, and gingersnap cookies" -- is now ready to celebrate the mighty funk history of the Middlewestern town of Minneapolis in a slightly confusing (maybe pancake mix would've been more appropriate?) way with its 'Purple Snow' blend, created to coincide with the inimitable Numero Group's "Purple Snow" compilation which documents the innovative funk coming out of the coldest of states in the late '70s and '80s. "Like the majestic waters of Lake Minnetonka, this jive coffee has a taste & style all its own," says Dark Matter of its new blend. The only problem being, of course, that by the time you get your mug to your lips it's already frozen solid. Ice cold.