The loss of Polly Anthony this week impacted a large swath of the music industry who responded in droves to the loss of a beloved music executive who helped guide the careers of many successful artists (including, Macy Gray, Shakira, Celine Dion, Rage Against The Machine, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Pearl Jam among many others) while inspiring many colleagues and competitors. Universally admired and fondly remembered, here are some of the tributes to Polly Anthony, one of the music industry's most inspiring figures. Feel free to leave your remembrances in the comments section below.

Polly Anthony, Beloved Epic and Geffen Exec, RIP

"After admiring Polly for her winning years at Sony, I was lucky enough to convince her to come work with us. Her sense of humor combined with her talent and willingness to compete make the time we worked together really special to me."
- Jimmy Iovine, chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M; CEO, Beats Electronics

“Polly Anthony was a tour-de-force in the music business as well as a touchstone for me in my career during my time at Epic Records and a constant reminder that in this industry, hard work comes second only to pure, unadulterated passion. She truly understood artists and will be deeply missed by those who were fortunate enough to know and work with her. Polly, you will always be with us.”
- Shakira

"Polly was not just a leader, but a trailblazer and mentor to scores of women; and she was my best friend. When people talk about her, it was about how fearless she was in work and life. She was a natural born leader yet would jump in and tackle challenges. No job was too big or too small. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
Michele Anthony, EVP for U.S. recorded music, Universal Music Group; founder, 7H Entertainment

“I'm so sad to hear the news about Polly...she was a great person, and she always approached everything with such  a positive attitude. She believed in me from the very beginning, and she'll always be a part of my career. 
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and loved ones.”
- Celine Dion

“I was fortunate at the very beginning of my career to meet and work with Polly...she was like a hurricane and went from the head of promotion at Epic Records to the President… She was one of the best ever at promotion…and so passionate about music, artists and her team…Polly was one of a kind...she helped to build so many of the artists who are now superstars today...There will NEVER, EVER be another Polly Anthony...I loved her and I will forever miss her!”
- Tommy Mottola, former chairman, Sony Music

“I was fortunate enough to work with Polly, and to know what a wonderful, loving person she was.  In business Polly was a fierce competitor.  Many years ago, Jimmy and I were chasing Macy Gray and she beat our ass! Polly was special and I'll always remember her.”
- Doug Morris, CEO, Sony Music

“Polly Anthony was that rare person who in the good and bad times was always loving, supportive and loyal. I admired her as a woman, a leader, and a mentor. She was a star in her own right, her passion for life is the light and legacy that will never fade. We all mourn her loss.”
- Jennifer Lopez

"My best memory of Polly Anthony is when we brought her the new album in 2002, Riot Act. We have been known to be a challenge from time-to-time, and at that time, we wanted the song 'Save You' to be the first single off the album. The song had like 20 'fucks' in it. I thought to myself … big record company battle coming. But she didn't bat an eye. 'Of course,' she said. 'It's a great song and it makes perfect sense.' Somehow she got it on the radio and we had a moderate hit. I couldn't believe we got away with it."
 - Kelly Curtis, Pearl Jam Manager

"I found Polly to be one of the great competitors. You always felt her presence, passion and natural ability to compete at the highest level, but in the most elegant way. She leaves a permanent positive mark on our business and will be missed."
- Charlie Walk, EVP, Universal Republic

“Polly is one of the most excellent people I've ever met, and one of my heroes.  She changed my life.  She was beautiful. And I will miss her more than I can say.”
- Macy Gray

“Polly Anthony was a powerhouse of a woman.  When she was the President of Ozzy's label, she gave a piece of advice that he never forgot.  She told him to ‘always stay true to who you are.’ She will be missed.”
Sharon Osbourne

"She was a great hostess and would cook dinner, doing everything including shopping, for 25 or 30 people on Christmas Eve. She took care of her artists, her family and her friends. Her greatest personal happiness was her family, especially her nieces and nephews."
David Cohen, former vice chairman, Interscope; UMG consultant.

"Polly Anthony was a good friend who played a crucial role in bringing RATM and Audioslave to the world. I have a vivid memory of an early Rage performance at some stuffy Sony conference in Toronto. Afterwards, someone said "you gotta see what's going on in suite 402!" I was frankly a little nervous about what might be going on in suite 402, but when I got up there I saw a number of Epic records folks rocking out to a 2 song Rage demo. Polly was standing on a couch headbanging FURIOUSLY. A one woman mosh pit! When the two songs ended she yelled, "PLAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!" and continued rocking wildly. It was then I knew we were destined to be good friends. I will miss her greatly and am so sad to hear of her passing. I feel so fortunate to have known her."
- Tom Morello

“Today we share a deep sorrow with so many.  Polly was more than a friend or colleague.  She was family.  More than a leader, she was a guiding light to all at Epic and Sony Music. Intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, and fearless, she grew to be one of the great executives our business has ever known.  Her love for music, artists, and her team was an inspiration to all. Polly was blessed with many unique qualities, and she shared them freely.   If you were fortunate enough to cross paths with Polly, you never walked alone. Ann and I cherished her friendship, and will honor her memory.”
- David Glew, former president, Epic Records

"Polly and I worked together at Epic nearly 20 years.  I instantly think of some of the artists that she supported.  Des'ree  , Celine, Social Distortion, Michael Jackson, and Rage Against The Machine, come to mind. When she committed, she backed it up.  She was one of the most focused executives I've ever known.  She was also a friend that looked out for you, sometimes when you weren't even looking out for yourself.  She was an inspiring leader for so many at Epic."
- Dan Beck, Epic colleague

"Polly…Colleague, rival, friend…Determined, charming, sexy, ruthless, fun. I loved her dearly as a friend and have only wonderful memories of the time we shared together."
- Richard Griffiths, Partner, Modest! Management

"I join those who are saddened by the news of Polly Anthony's death. While she could be a tough character, she could also be a invaluable ally; I had the great comfort of having her in my corner. I also got to learn that behind the toughness and drive stood a woman with heart, intellect beyond most of her peers, and a playful sense of humor. She'll be missed."
- Geoff Mayfield, Former Billboard chart director

"Polly Anthony. The world will miss you.  So much I have learned, I learned from Polly. She had such a profound impact on so many and will be forever a part of our lives. Her amazing legacy will live on with all of us. I feel blessed to have known her."
- Ron Cerrito, Senior Exec., Prospect Park


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