Bob Pittman

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman addresses the guests during the Clear Channel Media And Entertainment Presents Jason Mraz At The 2013 ANA Masters Of Marketing Annual Conference at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa on October 4, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona.

2013 Getty Images

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A New York Post report citing a “mist tunnel” at Clear Channel headquarters as a “status symbol” for company Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman may have "mist" the point.

The story, which ran in the tabloid’s “Page Six” gossip section March 19, took Pittman to task for this latest investment amid the company's $20.5 billion debt and several rounds of layoffs at its radio stations nationwide.

According to a Clear Channel spokesperson, however, the mist effect (not a “tunnel”) is actually a low-cost tool for generating revenue. “It’s part of the innovative presentation capability of our new offices, all of which we use to help advertisers see how their brands and products can be maximized in the context of Clear Channel’s multi-platform assets.”

While it's not clear how much the mist effect might cost or how much revenue it will generate, the interior design does feature audio from several Clear Channel stations, which perhaps in some subliminal way encourages advertisers to buy on-air time (or perhaps a visit to a tropical rainforest).

Contrary to the Post's report, the mist environment is not located near Pittman’s office. "It’s in the hallway approaching the offices from the elevator," the spokesperson said, "so our guests can experience the excitement of Clear Channel as they enter.”

Apparently the Post’s story was misty at best, having made much ado about "a great presentation effect that people really like.”