The red carpet of the annual Jingle Ball in Los Angeles was prime real estate for picking the brains of some of the industry's sharpest minds. In this short video Tom Poleman, president of National Programming Platforms for Clear Channel, and John Ivey, KissFM's program director, spoke up to Billboard about social media, the Jingle Ball Tour and the risk of oversaturating artists.

Both Poleman and Ivey both cited the dialogue that social media makes possible between listeners, disc jockeys, and artists. "The great thing about radio is it's still that companion. I think new technology allows that companionship to spread deeper," Poleman told Billboard.

Ivey recalled his beginning in radio and the connection he felt to his local jockeys. "I loved being able to call the radio station, talk to somebody... everybody now feels like their connected to the air talent and the artist with social media."

Also discussed was iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball, which has been on its inaugural, 12-stop expansion tour this year after being anchored in New York (which took place this past weekend) and L.A. The idea was "growing it to have a great experience for our listeners and advertisers," said Poleman, "and to do it in a more coordinated and centralized fashion." The event has three more dates in its run in D.C., Tampa and Miami.

Finally, Billboard asked Poleman and Ivey about the relatively new practice of playing notable hits every hour on the hour, and whether it could lead to over-saturation of an artist. "I think when an artist of stature comes out with something new, I think that everybody's wanting to hear what that is," said Ivey. "Everybody gets to make their own opinion on it."

Noted Poleman: "Making events out of these moments is what we should be doing."