NMPA President and CEO David Israelite to Retain Position Through 2018

David Israelite, the president and CEO of the National Music Publishers' Association since 2005, will retain his position through 2018, the organization's board of directors announced today.

“David has been an exceptional leader for the publishing and songwriting community and also the larger music industry,” wrote Irwin Robinson, NMPA board chairman, in a statement. “As our music marketplace is being redefined, music publishers and songwriters are seeing the benefits of his leadership financially and professionally. He has increased the stature of NMPA and remains one of our industry’s strongest public champions for the rights and value of musical works. We’re pleased he’s agreed to stay on.”

The NMPA and Israelite recently had strong words regarding Pandora's recent gambit of buying a radio station in South Dakota in order to secure lower royalty rates. "This is another sad step in Pandora's escalating war against songwriters," said Israelite about the move. "While other digital partners are making voluntary deals, Pandora chooses to sue the very creators who make its business possible."

Israelite also stressed the importance of solidarity between labels, digital services like Rdio and publishers recently, during the NMPA's annual meeting last week. "Even if we disagree on rates, we can work together," said the CEO.

“I am humbled and honored to be asked to continue my advocacy on behalf of songwriters and music publishers. NMPA's focus will continue to be protecting the rights of creators and ensuring songwriters and music publishers receive their fair share of the digital music marketplace," wrote Israelite in a statement.

If history is any guide, it would seem that Israelite may be in his current  position for some time; Israelite's predecessor, Edward P. Murphy, was the president and CEO of the NMPA for nearly twenty years, overseeing the organization from 1985 through the end of 2004.