Marty Bandier will be running Sony/ATV Music Publishing after he exits EMI Music Publishing, the company he helped build over the last 18 years into the world's largest publisher.

According to sources close to the situation, Bandier will become chairman/CEO of Sony/ATV in early April. He is personally making a financial investment in the publisher and will financially participate in the growth of the publishing unit.

Among the reasons for Bandier's decision to join Sony/ATV are Sony Corp.'s commitment to grow the publishing unit and the opportunity to build a unit that is completely separate from the recorded music division. Sony/ATV is not a part of the Sony BMG Music joint venture.

It is unclear what, if any, role Sony/ATV's current chairman/CEO David Hockman will have with the company. But Hockman and Bandier are known in the industry to have a strong relationship. Bandier was among those who recommended Hockman for his Sony/ATV position in 2003.

Rob Wiesenthal, CFO of Sony Corp. of America, was instrumental in bringing Bandier to Sony/ATV. Wiesenthal is also responsible for overseeing the publisher as chief strategic officer of Sony Entertainment.

Bandier and Sony Corp. could not be immediately reached for comment.