With changes at the helm of three major publishers over the last four months, membership on the board of the National Music Publishers' Assn. (NMPA) is also shifting.

NMPA board members have voted to fill three vacant seats. Marty Bandier, Sony/ATV Music chairman/CEO, replaces the publisher's former chief, David Hockman; Roger Faxon, EMI Music Publishing chairman/CEO, take Bandier's EMI spot; and Dave Johnson, Warner/Chappell CEO, replaces Jay Morgenstern, who previously filled the publisher's slot on the board.

In addition to NMPA chairman Irwin Robinson, chairman/CEO of Famous Music, other board members are: Lionel Conway, Stage Three Music; Freddy Bienstock, Carlin America; Helene Blue, Anna Teresa Music; Arnold Broido, Theodore Presser; Bob Doyle, Major Bob Music; John Eastman, MPL Communications; Nicholas Firth, BMG Music Publishing; Dean Kay, Demi Music; Maxyne Lang, Williamson Music; Leeds Levy, One Four Three Music; Evan Medow, Windswept Pacific Holdings; Stanley Mills, September Music; Ralph Peer, peermusic; and David Renzer, Universal Music Publishing Group.

Bandier, who served on the five-member NMPA negotiating committee, will remain on that committee with Firth, Eastman, Robinson and Peer.