EMI Music Publishing has launched its second European Songwriting Camp, bringing together songwriters from 11 countries for the event, which will be held in Gibson Guitar's Berlin showroom from Oct. 2-8.

Writers attending the event include Lina & Marten Eriksson (Sweden), Maleko (France), Luis Oliveira (Portugal), Max Zanotti (Italy), Jeroen Swinnen (Belgium), FarHot (Germany), Lars Quang (Denmark), Big Dawg (Netherlands), Ashley Hicklin (UK), Ginger Mackenzie (USA) and Rod Davies (Australia). They will collaborate on a series of projects including new releases from key labels and artists, and advertising campaigns.

In addition major labels and artists representative looking to co-write songs for forthcoming albums are all scheduled to attend the seven day songwriting event, according to an EMI Publishing press release.

The first Camp occurred in Normandy in 2005, with more than a dozen leading songwriters from around Europe produced a number of chart hits including songs for Ewa Farna, Clouseau and Stan Van Samang, it adds.

"Bringing together songwriters from across national boundaries and musical genres helps us to bring something new to the creative mix, and I know that long-standing artistic relationships will be forged as a result of the camp, EMI Music Publishing Continental Europe president and CEO Peter Ende said in a statement "I'm looking forward to hearing the results, and hopefully helping our writers achieve further creative and commercial success."