BFM Digital, a Valley Village, Calif.-based digital music aggregator, has hired New York-based RightsFlow, to handle their mechanical, streaming, ringtone, and digital phonorecord delivery licensing.

BFM in turn will offer the service to its label clients

"Our clients look to us to provide a turnkey solution for DPD licensing and publishing royalty payouts on U.S. sales,” Rightsflow COO Ben Cockerham said. “We are excited to work with BFM Digital in providing this service to their rich label clientele.”

RightsFlow is a New York-based media and entertainment-focused firm offering professional services and outsourced music licensing solutions. The firm specializes in intellectual property licensing and copyright management working with companies engaged in the commercial licensing of copyrights.

Its proprietary “FLOW” system uses the bulk licensing system of the Harry Fox Agency to ensure publishers and songwriters are properly compensated under U.S. law.

“RightsFlow’s system presents an efficient, all-inclusive service and adds further value to our label clients,” BFM Digital CEO Steven Corn says. “Through RightsFlow, we will be able to effectively manage DPD licensing across our diverse catalogue.”