Australasian Performing Right Association and sister organization the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society has struck a digital royalty collecting accord with RightsFlow, the N.Y.-based bulk mechanical licensing, royalty services and accounting provider.

The breakthrough agreement, announced today (June 9), means digital royalties owed to Australasian songwriters for transactions in the United States will be accounted for and paid through to the Australasian rights holders.

With immediate effect, RightsFlow has access to the Sydney-based APRA/AMCOS database to search Australia and New Zealand works and identify specific songwriters and publishers. RightsFlow will be able to identify the relevant U.S. administrative body and seek licenses through the Harry Fox Agency or directly with U.S. publisher entities.

The benefits will be felt particularly by those Australian and New Zealand writers who don't have sub-publishing deals in the States, Richard Mallett, APRA/AMCOS director, recorded music services tells "It's aimed at the long tail," he says, "rather than being aimed at the head."

In a statement, Matt Irvin, director of licensing and royalties at RightsFlow, says the pact shows that the Australian societies are "taking positive steps towards simplifying the process of international licensing, which will greatly improve royalty accounting and payment for Australasian songwriters." He adds, "As both an international licensee and Australian songwriter, this pleases me greatly."

RightsFlow's outsourced licensing service utilizes the bulk licensing system of the Harry Fox Agency, Inc. to ensure publishers and songwriters are properly compensated under U.S. law.

In addition to helping its new clients obtain U.S. mechanical licenses for physical releases and digital phonorecord delivery licenses, Rightsflow also provides clients - which include E1 Entertainment, imeem, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, Audible Magic and Disc Makers -- with royalty accounting and other services.