After 18 years as chairman of German collecting society GEMA, Prof. Christian Bruhn stepped down. His successor is composer Jörg Evers.

A new supervisory board was elected at the annual meeting of the members of the German collection society GEMA in Munich.

GEMA's EVP Prof. Dr. Jürgen Becker resigned with effect from July 30. His successor is Georg Oeller.

The new members of the supervisory board are for the composers: Klaus Doldinger, Jörg Evers, Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider, Prof. Lothar Voigtländer, Dr. Ralf Weigand, Christian Wilckens. Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Rihm and Prof. Manfred Schoof are deputy members.

The representatives of the lyricists are: Burkhard Brozat, Frank Dostal, Frank Ramond, Stefan Waggershausen. Deputies: Egon L. Frauenberger and Tobias Künzel.

For Publishers: Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde (Budde Musikverlage, Berlin), Karl-Heinz Klempnow (Gloriella Musikverlag, Berlin), Hans-Peter Malten (Future World, Hamburg), Dagmar R. Sikorski (Sikorski Musikverlage, Hamburg), Patrick Strauch (Sony/ATV, Berlin). Lutz Ilgner (Gerig Musikverlage, Bergisch-Gladbach) and Prof. Klaus-Michael Karnstedt (Peermusic, Hamburg) are deputy members.