-- In three separate administration agreements, the Bicycle Music Company has landed exclusive rights to 100% of the songs included on the Marilyn Manson album 'The High End of Low', released May 26 on Interscope Records. The administration deals were with Mailyn Manson and collaborators/band members Twiggy and Chris Vrenna.

In another move, the Bicycle Music Company signed a worldwide publishing administration deal with Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes, which covers the band's latest album, "Before The Frost...Until The Freeze," released Sept. 1 on Silver Arrow Records.

-- Music Reports Inc., a provider of music rights administration services says it has distributed more than $5 million in statutory mechanical royalties on behalf of its digital music service clients. The funds have been disbursed as part of the rates ruling determination for streams and limited downloads made by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board, which required payments to be made beginning on July 26.

MRI now pays statutory mechanical royalties to more than 12,000 music publishing administrators, representing over 50,000 individual music publishers, the company said.

-- The Harry Fox Agency landed the No. 182 slot in InformationWeek's annual rankings of U.S. companies using business technology in innovative ways. The annual survey which ranks the U.S. Top 500 companies in terms of how they use technology, was revealed at the magazine's conference on Sept. 14.

One of the few media and entertainment companies on the list, HFA was recognized for how it has created new products and services and increased the efficiency of its business processes, which enabled the creation of new revenue opportunities for the company.

"By creating a flexible program management and strategic planning discipline, we were able to quickly modify all our key systems to implement the new government-mandated royalty rate calculation parameters, without adding more resources to the team, " said HFA senior VP/CIO Lou Trebino.

"Not only were we ready to support these new rates in our usual course of business, we are now offering outsourced royalty calculation services, as we recently announced with Napster."