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-- For all shows after September 25, Washington DC venue the Black Cat is switching from Ticketmaster to Ticket Alternative. The proposed Ticketmaster-Live Nation tie-up doesn't sit well with owner Dante Ferrando. "Even if I didn't dislike the company and the way they do business, I don't think I could work with a company that is my competitor," he said. "I'm not really in the habit of giving competitors money." Ticket Alternative sells tickets for over 400 venues, according to the company's web site, including D.C.'s Rock and Roll Hotel. It's just one venue, but there are sure to be more. Alternatives exist, and as contracts come due some venues will opt for a competing service. Or, as was the case with the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, ticketing could be brought in house. Either way, expect a migration to Ticketmaster's competitors if the Department of Justice allows the merger to go through. (A.V. Washington D.C.)

-- EMI Music Publishing has opted out of the Google Book Settlement for every copyright it owns and controls in part or whole. In a letter submitted to the court, the attorney for EMI explains that it is unclear how the settlement applies to music publishers. In addition, EMI explained that the online opt-out form provided by Google would be "prohibitively burdensome and costly, and at odds with well-established principles of copyright law." (MediaBistro)

-- Total online video streams in August were up 41% versus the same period last year. About 139 million unique viewers watched 11.36 billion streams - 81.7 streams per viewer and 205 minutes per viewer. The number of unique viewers rose 18%, the number of streams was up 41% and the number of minutes streamed per viewer rose 39%. YouTube was the leader with nearly 7.2 billion streams and almost 108 million unique viewers. Hulu was a distant second (in terms of streams) with 392 million streams and almost 9.9 million unique viewers. Although Yahoo! Had nearly three time as many viewers as Hulu, it had only 226 million streams. (Nielsen Wire)

-- Conduit Labs, parent company of music-oriented virtual world, Loudcrowd, raised $3 million in second round funding. (paidContent)

-- A profile of German indie label Trikont. (SF Bay Guardian)

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