The composers and producers of the German language duo Ich + Ich, Adel Tawil and Florian Fischer, have signed an exclusive worldwide publishing contract with BMG Rights Management for their publishing company Trackworks in Berlin.

Adel Tawil is also the voice and face of "Ich + Ich" together with the singer/songwriter Annette Humpe. The group, on Universal's Polydor, has sold nearly 2 million albums according to the label.

BMG will also market their songs with song plugging and synch licensing. The deal announced today by Fred Casimir, managing director of BMG Rights Management in Germany in Berlin.

"Because of its global network and experienced personnel, BMG Rights Management is in an ideal position to provide the prerequisites for success," said Florian Fischer in a statement. "Many talented and established writers all over the world have already joined the BMG network. We are pleased to be a part of BMG's growth momentum, and to be able to contribute to its success."

Casimir added: "We are delighted to welcome Adel Tawil and Florian Fischer to BMG, and we look forward to exciting and creative collaboration."