Music Reports, the music administration and licensing service for music users, and Audible Magic, a provider of electronic media identification, have formed a strategic partnership to expand music publishing licensing and reporting solutions for broadcasters, websites, and other digital music users.

By matching the Audible Magic database of sound recording “fingerprints” to the songs registered in Music Reports’ Songdex database, the two companies intend to jointly develop processes whereby data related to the matched databases may be transmitted electronically to music users, for purposes of music licensing and royalty reporting.

"These activities will enable the companies to perform music publisher and performing rights society market share analysis for music users, as well as facilitate efficient licensing and more transparent reporting to rights owners and collecting societies, to the economic benefit of both rights owners and music users," according to the press release announcing the partnership.

“For too long, digital music users have had no way of knowing which songs are controlled by which music publishers and by which collecting societies,"said Music Reports senior VP of business affairs and business development Les Watkins. “This has created an inefficient marketplace for music rights, so that users have been limited in their licensing options. Through this partnership with Audible Magic, we will open up lucrative direct licensing opportunities for music publishers, while reducing transaction costs and overall royalty payments for social media websites and other music users.”

Audible Magic CEO Vance Ikezoye added, "With this new relationship, we’re able to provide a more integrated set of services to support the new business models for licensing content that meets the needs of the rights owners, the collecting societies, the distributors and consumers of music.”