BPI’s numbers from yesterday showed how little money is being made in the U.K. from multi-rights (a.k.a. 360-deals). According to the press release, “more than £58.6 million” was earned from multi-rights deals. Let’s call it £59 million, or about $110 million.

Total U.K. recording industry revenue in 2009 was £1.12 billion ($1.87 billion), meaning revenue from multi-rights deals accounted for 5.2% of recording industry revenue last year. Since these contracts are not standard outside of major labels, let’s take away 20% from recording industry revenues (the indies’ share) and recalculate. In that case, multi-rights revenue accounted for 6.5% of associated recording industry revenues.

While only accounting for 5.2% now, that’s not to say multi-rights deals won’t start providing a far more considerable source of revenue in the next few years. As artists under these contracts reach market maturity, their non-music revenue will increase along with music sales.