Audi Settles Copyright Lawsuit With Eminem Over 'Lose Yourself' Ad
Audi Settles Copyright Lawsuit With Eminem Over 'Lose Yourself' Ad

Audi, the German carmaker based in Ingolstadt, has settled a lawsuit with rapper Eminem. Audi admitted using a composition that sounded remarkably similar to Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" in an online promotional video for its new Audi A6 Avant.

Eminem's music-publisher, Eight Mile Style LLC, claimed the music in the Audi-spot used the music from the copyrighted Eminem song "Lose Yourself" featured in the "8 Mile Soundtrack." The publisher was seeking an injunction from the higher regional court in Hamburg.

Audi admitted its guilt and committed itself to supporting social institutions in Detroit in its settlement with Eight Mile Style.

Audi in an official statement said that, "the protection of intellectual property has always been an important part of Audi's company philosophy. Audi therefore respects Eminem's creative work and the Chrysler advertising campaign "Imported From Detroit." Audi is happy to support the development of the city of Detroit with several social projects."

Details of the projects and the amount of money were not published. Eight Mile said in a statement that it was satisfied with Audi's commitment and praised the company's generosity.

The Audi-video was presented in May in Berlin. Comments on YouTube referred to the similarity of Eminem's music and an advertising clip of the car-maker Chrysler.

Chrysler had used the Eminem song " Lose yourself " in a campaign "Imported From Detroit" that was presented during the Super Bowl. In the Chrysler spot Eminem is seen driving in a Chrysler to "Lose Yourself.". The same scenario was also used in the Audi-spot.