Canada's SOCAN To Appear Before High Court On Digital Licensing Ruling
Canada's SOCAN To Appear Before High Court On Digital Licensing Ruling

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, the Canadian performing rights organization otherwise known as SOCAN, will be appearing at Canada's highest court today and tomorrow (Dec. 6) to represent its members in a case addressing three online copyright issues.

SOCAN's General Counsel Paul Spurgeon, and Associate General Counsel Anne Godbout, will go before the Supreme Court of Canada to support previous decisions by the Copyright Board of Canada and Federal Court of Appeal to licence the use of music on the internet by the various multi-billion dollar telecommunications and broadcasting corporations, such as Rogers, Bell, Telus, Apple, and Shaw.

"We have a situation right now in which businesses that are making large profits from the use of copyright-protected music on the internet don't want to compensate the creators of that music," said SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste in a statement. "In an earlier appeal, the Copyright Board and the Federal Court of Appeal confirmed the right to fair remuneration for music creators and publishers for such internet uses, and it is our hope that the Supreme Court will do the same."

The case will address the use of music online with regard to downloads, music previews and use in games. The Supreme Court's decision is expected to be delivered in 2012. SOCAN represent the interests of 3 million Canadian and international music creators and publishers in Canada and has over 100,000 Canadian members.

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