Biz Poll Results: Should Sony Entertainment and Universal Music Leave Their Parent Companies?

In our most recent Biz Poll, we asked whether the propositions put forth to cleave Sony Entertainment and Universal Music Group -- the world's two largest music companies -- away from their parent companies were a good idea. Let's take a look...

– The vast majority of respondents (37%, compared to the runner-up's 23%) had a pragmatic answer to this week's question: In a day and age when music seems to seep from every corner, the identity of which particular corporation owns any given label matters not at all. It would seem our respondents just want to hear the music, not worry about its' copyrights provenance.

– The second-most popular response this time around was that Vivendi (parent to UMG) and Sony (parent to, well, Sony) should keep their entertainment companies close, for the simple reason that it makes the most business sense for their respective corporations. We'd have to agree with that sentiment, if only since recent numbers indicated that its entertainment division was far more profitable.

– Coming in at number three was the opinion that UMG and Sony Entertainment should be freed from the shackles of their parent corps, allowing them the freedom to grow and flourish without the albatross of tech divisions or television sister companies or any other silly distractions.

– Fourth place ended in a dead heat, with an equal number of people saying that UMG should remain with Vivendi but Sony Ent. should leave Sony Corp., and vice versa. We'll chalk this one up to playing favorites.