Primary Wave, the management, marketing and publishing house which owns the catalogs of Kurt Cobain and John Lennon, has named longtime employee Justin Shukat as president of its Primary Wave Music Publishing division. Shukat won't be relinquishing his old seat as general manager of Primary Wave Music in the move.

“From our time at Arista to opening the doors of Primary Wave, I have worked closely with Justin for over 10 years now,” wrote Primary Wave CEO Larry Mestel in a statement. “His strong relationships within the industry and his innate ability to lead a team to success, this position is a natural fit for Justin and I’m proud to have him overseeing our publishing team.”

“We are actively looking to sign and invest in songwriters and artists, where we can engage the full breadth of our company, including synchronization, branding, management, digital marketing and our licensing back-office,” wrote Shukat.

Around this time last year, Primary Wave expanded into the U.K., opening its first office in London. The firm's most recent hire was bringing in Chris Maltese as a management partner in late February of this year.