Now is the time for independent music labels and their artists. As music goes digital, economic and traditional radio and retail barriers to entry become less important due to this economy shift, and the opportunity for independent labels to thrive has never been greater. But it won't happen without fairness, equity and transparency in this new marketplace.

Radio is a perfect example. Currently, indies get only 10%-11% of traditional terrestrial radio play, in a medium stuck with a 168-hour playlist, experiencing more competition for audience than ever. But as the nonterrestrial sources of listening grow (satellite, webcasters and cable TV, for example) there are many more opportunities for independent music listening. Sure enough, the independent share of this listening is approaching 40% of total nonterrestrial audience impressions. Pandora even reports that independent music exceeds 50% of audience impressions.

The key for everyone in the industry, artists and all labels—including the majors—is to make sure...

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