As this year's South By Southwest Conference winds down in Austin, Billboard takes a look at the winners and losers of the event.

Twitter: Brevity is usually the soul of wit, but very few people define "omg sxsw rulez! this show is awesome. beer!" as witty. Still, Twitter was far and away the preferred method for reporting from SXSW, providing readers with a steady stream of reports on long lines, good BBQ, and bands to watch.

Publishers: There's a reason ASCAP and BMI's names are everywhere and they're the only ones with good food at their parties. In a year when almost everything was down, publishing was way up.

NPR: For those seeking more than 140 characters worth of coverage, public radio delivered, with packed parties and plenty of broadcasts.

Rock stars: Jane's Addiction, Metallica and Kanye West generated huge amounts of coverage and long lines at their shows.

Blogs: The rise of Twitter meant the fall of many an indie blog's coverage of the festival. Idolator only had a few posts a day and seemed to only have one staffer on the ground; Stereogum's coverage was limited to talking about listings, and the site didn't sponsor any events. Brooklyn Vegan's parties were well attended, but their coverage was pretty much limited to their own events.

Cell service providers: Networks crashed periodically as the sheer amount of Blackberries and iPhones in Austin overloaded them.

Emerging bands: No clear winners emerged as bands to watch this year -- some certainly solidified buzz and gained new fans, but no one act will leave SXSW with "next big thing" status.

The poor and hungry: The first thing to go in the recession was the copious amounts of free food and booze offered at fesitvals past. The guy selling bad pizza to drunk kids on 6th Street, however, is certainly not complaining.