Domino Recordings Launches Pop-Up Internet Radio Station
Domino Recordings Launches Pop-Up Internet Radio Station

In this tech age where radio is supposed to be as relevant as a 78 rpm record, Domino Radio today launched a one-week-only online station which you can tune in at and can also be heard in the terrestrial world in London (at 87.7 FM). Not only is the record company working on the quickie, quirky pop-up model here but they've also put together a staggering amount of original programming for the station.

Inspired by British pirate radio stations and legendary DJ John Peel, Domino Radio was put together not just to feature the line-up of Domino Records. Think of it as a steady stream of the label's acts playing their favorite music there. The station will feature DJ sets from Domino artists like Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), Al Kapranos and Paul Thompson (Franz Ferdinand), Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors), Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux), techno maven Four Tet, Clinic, Brian Weitz (Animal Collective) and Brit prog-rock legend Robert Wyatt among others.

Also featured will be DJ sets from non-Domino acts including James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco), Lawernce Hayward (Felt), Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Steve Mackey (Pulp) and Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz). If that wasn't enough, there will also be shows featuring Northern soul, dub step, punk, garage rock and world music. If you happen to miss any of the 168 hours of programming, don't fret- the shows will be archived on the site later on.

If you dig dry British wit, then you'll enjoy the Domino Radio's DJ banter (as we have so far). The only thing we miss are sets from other fascinating Domino artists like the Fall and Tricky.

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