Senior VP of business development and business affairs

Expanding a music service like Vevo into international waters isn’t a simple matter of flipping a switch. The fragmented licensing landscape, complex legal nuances and vastly different local cultures amount to monumental hurdles. So it’s no small feat to have expanded Vevo’s service to 13 countries, up from 10 in 2012 and just four in 2011. Under the direction of CEO Rio Caraeff, Vevo head of business development Alexander Kisch has hammered out the contracts and laid the groundwork for the company to gain the kind of scale that only global distribution can provide. Kisch has helped Vevo think through its international approach—one that ultimately yielded a global audience that currently generates 4.4 billion views per month outside the United States. That’s roughly 80% of Vevo’s overall traffic. “Every market is different,” Kisch says. “Before launching in any territory, it’s crucial to answer a host of questions: How important is local repertoire? What percent of the population is connected through broadband? What is the mix between online and mobile? How robust is the local ad economy? What competitors are in the market?” As for what’s ahead in 2014, Kisch predicts an acceleration in the global migration from desktop computers to mobile and tablet usage, but also a movement toward the living room with music programming consumed on big, high-definition screens. “We’ve seen more and more engagement,” Kisch says, “as viewers move to the living room experience.” —Alex Pham