President of int'l touring, AEG Live


President/CEO, AEG Europe


President/CEO, AEG China

Anshutz Entertainment Group was a global model from its inception, and the same can be said for its touring arm, AEG Live. Rob Hallett, president of international touring, “looks after” AEG Live’s world tours when they venture off North American shores. This year, that included Bon Jovi, the highest-grossing tour of 2013, and Justin Bieber, which Hallett steered through Europe and Central and South America. He also has been working with Leonard Cohen for six years around the globe. AEG doesn’t have offices in every territory but Hallett has strategic alliances with promoters worldwide. “There are not many countries in the world where I don’t have [relationships],” he says. Also on behalf of AEG Live’s international efforts, former AEG Live COO Thomas Miserendino joined the AEG Europe team as CEO. China has been a priority for AEG for several years and John Cappo has been president/CEO of AEG China since 2008. “John has made great success bringing international promotion and sponsorship expertise, all the things that a country like China needed,” Hallett says. “He’s brought concert promotion to a new level over there.” Global touring for AEG was “fantastic” in 2013, Hallett says. Hallett predicts 2014 will be a “solid but relatively quiet year” as the World Cup will affect live music abroad. “It will be a challenging year, but I’m confident it will be solid.”
Ray Waddell