Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo Denies Harassment Allegations, Plans Return to Radio ‘Very Soon'

Radio personality Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, whose nationally syndicated show was cancelled abruptly last month by Univision, has issued a statement stating that allegations of harassment against him by his former colleague are untrue.

Sotelo's comments come one week after his former colleague Alberto "Beto" Cortez went public through an attorney issuing a claim that Sotelo "physically, sexually and emotionally" harassed him for three years.

Sotelo acknowledges that he and Cortez were friends for more than a decade and "it saddens me that he has resorted to making baseless claims in an attempt to obtain an undeserved financial windfall."

Sotelo, who has interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment and beyond including President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, has also been a major supporter of immigration reform. Cortez has also made accusations that Sotelo falsified documents as part of an immigration reform campaign.

Also, Sotelo claims that Univision did not renew Cortez's contract after some work performance issues surfaced and that his former colleague "was soliciting many of our co-workers to join him in asserting fictitious allegations and filing a complaint against me."

Attorneys for both sides have not been immediately available to address their clients' positions and Univision has only acknowledged that "Piolin de la Mañana" was cancelled.

Through his statement, Sotelo also thanked his fans for being supportive. "I plan to be back on the radio very soon and will continue to work hard to keep your loyalty and trust," he says. "Stay tuned."