Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly ‘Closing a Significant Door’

Ben Watt’s electronic music company Buzzin’ Fly is scaling-back its operations to essentially become an “archive label," with no plans to sign new artists or release new works.

Buzzin’ Fly should be celebrating its 10th year in business. Instead, the London-based company has issued a statement to confirm the “closing of a significant door.”

"I loved every minute," says label founder Watt in a statement, "but all good things come to an end. It simply feels like the right moment.”

Not firm reason was given for the label’s closure, though Watt says he has other creative tasks on his mind. “Buzzin' Fly was born out of my commitment to the culture of DJing and helping young artists,” notes Watt, “but these days I am edging away from it towards other challenges - a new book I'm writing, research for another one, and a long-planned solo music project.”

Watt’s new non-fiction book “Romany and Tom” -- a tale about his parents' life and marriage -- will be published by Bloomsbury in the U.K. and the U.S. in early 2014 followed by a book tour. It’s the follow-up to 1996's “Patient.”

From next month, Buzzin’ Fly plans to release five retrospective digital anthologies, covering the label's 12-inch releases -- all 68 of them. Each volume will cover two years of the label's history, released at monthly intervals starting April 22 and wrapping-up in September. “A few hidden gems are expected to surface on vinyl too,” according to the label.

Watt made his name as one-half of the British jazz and house-tinged duo Everything But the Girl, which featured his partner in life on vocals, Tracey Thorn. Buzzin’ Fly’s sister imprint Strange Feeling Records will remain “quietly active” as a channel for the output of Thorn, according to the statement.