Prince Royce and Label Settle Dispute (Update)

Following a contentious legal battle that played out in Spanish language media, Geoffrey Royce Rojas, better known as Prince Royce, has resolved his disputes with his former record label Top Stop Music, and is now a free agent.

“I am elated to put this dispute behind me so I can concentrate 100% on what I love, which is creating and performing my music. I am thankful to Top Stop for releasing my first two albums and believing in me and I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio soon and sharing my new music with my fans,” said Royce in a statement.  “I'm grateful for the support of my management team and legal counsel who have remained solid and true throughout this difficult time.”

In a separate release, Top Stop representatives said the case was bound for resolution with Royce agreeing to pay a “substantial” amount of money to free himself of the Top Stop contract. “We are happy,” said Top Stop president Sergio George. “It’s the happy end of a stage.”

Back in September of 2012, Royce was sued for breach of contract by Top Stop, to which he was signed both as an artist and as a songwriter. Royce in turn countersued in October, denying the allegations and alleging, among others, that TSM  did not have the rights to his recording services nor had the rights to future recordings or the option to acquire rights for his English language albums.

Last month, the parties held hearings and the resolution was announced this morning.  The decision ostensibly leaves Royce open to pursue recording and publishing deals with other labels and publishing companies. Prince Royce was initially managed by Top Stop itself, but since last year, has been represented by David Sonenberg and William Derella for DAS Communications Ltd.

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