International virtual online community Habbo Hotel has installed a branded Internet radio station operated via RealAmplify, a plug-in technology supplied by digital-entertainment service provider RealNetworks Inc.

Subscribers to Habbo Hotel are known as Habbos, which are animated "avatar" representations of each real-life member. The site is currently available in 29 countries.

Now the virtual community's operators in the Dutch edition have asked RealNetworks to install the RealAmplify online radio, which has been customized to create Habbo Radio and to fit into the Habbo Hotel virtual world.

The music streamed on the bespoke radio service has been selected by RealNetworks' editors but based on favorite tracks voted for by Dutch Habbos. In addition to regularly updating the repertoire, Habbo Radio will also feature links to online news and events Web sites.

The music played is selected from RealNetworks' 50 international multi-genre ad-free online radio services, which any consumer can access via its pan-European RealMusic service.

Habbo Hotel is operated by Finnish multimedia company Sulake Corp.