Tokyo-based Brave, a company specializing in audio/visual production and digital content distribution, has become sole owner of digital distribution company Rightsscale. Brave has bought all of Rightsscale's issued shares for an undisclosed price.

Previously, 37% of Rightsscale's shares were held by Tokyo-based artist management company Taisuke, 36% by Rightsscale's directors and 27% by Faith, a Kyoto-based ringtone/game software developer that holds a majority stake in Brave.

"By acquiring Rightsscale as a 100% subsidiary," says Faith in a statement, "Brave will further expand its music digital distribution business and establish the music label business by making use both of the close and broad relationship (Rightsscale has) developed with artists and producers with the main focus on indies and of the 10 million or more Faith Group users."

Tokyo-based Rightsscale currently has contracts with some 270 labels and distributes about 15,000 pieces of music to PC and mobile-based download services such as the iTunes music store, both in Japan and overseas.