Beijing musician Xiao Fei found the recipe for success at Channel V's 13th annual Chinese Music Awards ceremony in Shanghai on Jan. 26, winning the inaugural Wireless Original Music Award for his novelty song "Instant Noodle."

The category grew out of the V Wireless Original Music Service, launched in November 2006, in which new Chinese artists upload their original songs to a China Mobile WAP service. Subscribers can then download the songs onto their mobile phones and vote for their favorites.

Xiao was one of the few new faces in a list of winners dominated by established acts in both the mainland and Hong Kong/Taiwan categories. From Hong Kong and Taiwan, best male and female singer awards went to Eason Chan and A-mei, respectively, while the most popular accolades went to Wang Leehom, who also won best singer/songwriter, and Angela Zhang.

Mayday took best band, S.H.E. won best group, and Tank was best newcomer. Wang Leehom's "Da Cheng Xiao Ai" was named 2006's most popular song, while the year's best songs included Eason Chan's "Sorry. Thank You," Angela Zhang's "Invisible Wings," and Jay Chou's "Miles Away".

Along with Xiao Fei's emergence, another novelty award in the mainland China category was the Jamster most popular ringtone, given to Hu Yanglin's "Poisonous Perfume". Best mainland male and female singers were, respectively, Hins Cheung and Jin Haixin, and Chen Kun and Jennifer Li won the most popular categories.

Pop-punksters Hua Er Le Dui ("The Flowers") won best band, while the variety act Shuimu Nianhua ("Era of Wind and Water") won both best group and best singer/songwriter. "Youthful Battlefield" of the reality show "My Hero" was deemed 2006's most popular song, while best song accolades went to Hins Cheung's "After the Rain," Wang Feng's "Life at Burst" and Love Band's "Open."

This year's Channel [V] Music Awards will first be broadcast on the channel in mainland China, at 9pm on Feb. 11. Last year the awards were shown on Channel [V], CCTV, Xing Kong and other syndicated networks, drawing an estimated 151 million viewers in the mainland.