O2 has launched Your Show, a new service which brings audio capability to LookAtMe!, the European wireless network provider's user-generated video service.

LookAtMe! allows users to upload original video content, and pays the creator a fee each time their clip is viewed. Since its launch in June 2006, O2 customers have downloaded more than 45,000 clips a day, according to the company. Your Show allows users to upload original music content, including ringtones, for other customers to download.

Russ Shaw, director of capability and innovation at O2 UK, commented: "We're very pleased with the success of LookAtMe! which is, if you like, part video store, part mobile reality TV. Our customers love it. Your Show is the logical next step for the home of music: it's a chance for everyone to get creative and begin selling videos and tracks and make money out of it".

Your Show users are charged 35 pence ($0.68) to download a track, with 3 pence ($0.05) paid to its creator. On every Monday this March, customers will be able to download free tracks as part of the 02 Long Weekend promotion.