The Harrods Rocks instore promotion, which was to include live performances from a host of U.K. and U.S. bands and a world-record-breaking attempt to play Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water with 2,000 guitarists, has been cancelled after neighbours complained about the noise.

The "mass jamming session" was to be held this Sunday (Feb. 18).

The London department store received a call from an environmental health officer warning of complaints about noise levels during a gig on Feb. 8 by bands Love Minus Zero and The Roslins.

A spokesman said that the store had decided to cancel the rest of the Harrods Rocks live shows, including gigs by Idlewild and Bowling For Soup. "We have a lot of out-of-hours events and a good relationship with our neighbors which we don't want to damage, but Harrods rocks on," the spokesman said.

"Born To Rock", an exhibition of guitars played by rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Van Morrisson, will continue to run, and a fashion show in aid of Jeans For Gene will go ahead but without a live performance by Lil Chris.

A guitar masterclass by Status Quo's Rick Parfitt did go ahead on Feb. 10, with more than 500 people turning up to watch the rock veteran perform guitar solos.