Canadian digital music service Puretracks has launched a collection of MP3s without digital rights management (DRM). The MP3s are available in Canada for download at its digital music store

The Puretracks MP3 catalog will initially feature a portion of its catalog (approximately 50,000 titles), priced from 79 cents (Canadian) per song. Additional tracks will be added on a weekly basis.

Puretracks has partnered with several major Canadian independent labels, including Nettwerk Music Group and Arts & Crafts. It also linked with the Independent Online Distribution Alliance and Beggar's Banquet to give its users full access to songs by the Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Broken Social Scene and others.

To kick off the launch, Puretracks will give a free MP3 download of the new Barenaked Ladies single "Sound Of Voice" to all users registered for its online newsletter. Music fans will be able to play the track on their computers, phones, MP3 players and any other digital music players, including iPods.

"There is a time and place for DRM and there is also a time and place for selling music without it," says Alistair Mitchell, president/CEO, Puretracks. "Together with the labels partnering on this undertaking, we're blazing a trail by giving our users choice and ultimate flexibility to enjoy their music any time, anywhere."

Adds Nettwerk Music Group president Ric Arboit: "Music should be allowed to flow from device to device ... What better way to promote our artists than by having people experience their music without restrictions?"