Shipments of physical music products and digital downloads Denmark last year rose by 1.5% compared with the previous year, the national arm of the IFPI has reported.

Total Danish shipments in 2006 reached 86 million euros ($113 million). The rise is the first registered since the music business began its downward spiral in 2000.

The IFPI said the unexpected increase was due to adjusted figures submitted by smaller members of the organization and improved statistics on digital downloads.

Digital downloads accounted for 4.8% of the year's total, but the percentage is less than IFPI had anticipated.

"We're pleased to see the increase," says IFPI Denmark chairman and Universal Music Denmark managing director Jens-Otto Paludan," but it's naturally disappointing to note that Denmark is below the levels (for digital downloads) of other countries we normally use for comparison."

IFPI had expected downloads would account for 8-10% of music sales. The 4.8% realized could be considered especially low considering the fact that Denmark is considered to have the highest proportion of broadband connections in Europe.