The new Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre looks set to feature the U.K.'s most environmentally-friendly entertainment venue when it opens in 2008.

The publicly-funded venture will be located in the Beatles' native city in northern England and will be part of Kings Waterfront, which is described as "the single largest development site in Liverpool city center."

The 10,000-capacity arena, which is joined to an auditorium for 1,350 spectators, will accommodate concerts, entertainment, plus international sports events. It will also offer a 3,600 sq. meter multi-function hall, plus exhibition space and meeting rooms.

But the venue's unique selling point will be its green credentials, explained Tim Banfield, the Arena's GM, during the March 10 panel called "Cleaning Up Our Act" at this year's International Live Music Conference (ILMC).

"It is the U.K.'s first venue to have a wind farm (which converts wind into electricity) dedicated to a building, and we want to follow this through as part of our ethos," Banfield said. "The arena and convention center have been brought together to create one super efficient system that will see a 40% decrease in heating and lighting energy."

Additionally, a rain-harvesting system will be installed to catch and channel rain falling on to the venue's roofs into tanks beneath the building. The water will then be used to flush toilets in the venue.

Banfield also said the venue's management insists on working with catering companies that are able to reduce "food miles," which is the amount of time spent on the road consuming fuel to deliver their services.

"There are good commercial reasons for doing this. Our customers are expecting it from us. If you are using less, you are spending less, which leads to costs savings," Banfield explained. "This gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

The opening of the venue will coincide with Liverpool's turn as the European Union's Capital of Culture.

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