Paris-based's music files were cut this week after French collecting society Sacem issued a cease and desist order to the online service's Web hosting provider., which is operated by Paris-based Mubility, provides end-users with free on-demand streaming access to music files hosted on affiliated blogs;
Files are encoded in MP3 format.

In a statement issued on March 14, Mubility CEO Benoît Tersiguel denounced the pressure of French collecting society Sacem against Web hosting provider OVH.

Last week, SACEM, which represents songwriters and publishers, and fellow French collecting society SPPF, which represents independent labels, influenced OVH to close Paris-based streaming music service

Terisguel claims that his company had been negotiating with Sacem for a month-and-a-half, and that Mubility was willing to give Sacem part of its ad-based revenue. understands both parties were standing on irreconcilable financial positions.

"As a consequence, has the obligation to anticipate the migration of its services to safer and powerful servers, originally planed for May," writes Tersiguel.

The service, Tersiguel says, boasts 20 million visitors per month.

The French collecting societies' actions are supported by the LEN law on digital economy, which was passed in France in 2004. Through the law, Web hosting providers have the legal obligation to intervene if they are notified about the illegal nature of a service that they host.