Three U.K. labels have revealed plans to use eListeningPost, the ad-supported digital viral marketing service, to promote new or recent releases this month.

Korova, a Warner Music U.K. imprint, will use eListeningPost's email-based technology to market "Sensuous," the new album by Japanese artist/producer Cornelius, which came out on April 2.

Independiente will apply the system to promote "Eyes Wide Open," the new single from Scottish superband Travis, which is released on April 9.

V2 will equally employ eListeningPost to raise awareness for audio tracks from "Momento," the new world-music album from Bebel Gilberto, the Brazilian Grammy nominee. "Momento" was released in the United Kingdom on April 3.

Additionally, V2 will use the format later this month to market two videos: one for U.K. rock act The Rakes called "We Danced Together" and another for Duke Special's "Freewheel."

The single "We Dance Together" is from the album "Ten New Messages," which came out March 19. "Freewheel," the single, is from the album "Songs From the Deep Forest," which was released on Oct. 21.

eListeningPost will send out emails with links to download videos or tracks to the database of these artists' respective fans.

The fans can click on the links in the emails to preview and download songs or videos for free for up to five times before the content expires.

During the previews, they will be given the option to click the links to buy the related release from online stores selected by the acts or forward the email to friends, who can also preview for up to five times each before deciding whether to make a purchase.

With Cornelius, for example, fans can use the eListeningPost email link to buy the album from or the U.K. site of iTunes Music Store.

Alternatively, artists, especially unsigned ones, can opt to sell their recordings via eListeningPost's own Web site. They can earn 100% of the sales revenue, minus the 6% fee that is collected by PayPal, the online-payment mechanism owned by Internet auction giant eBay.

Moreover, eListeningPost is working with 24/7 Real Media, its New York-based international media-buying partner, to sell space within the emails to advertisers. The artists can determine which advertisers they will or will not work with.

But the implementation of ad sales via 24/7 Media does not kick in until later this month.

The eListeningPost format means rights owners can earn income from a share of the advertising income, even if the email recipients choose not to purchase any music content.

To use the eListeningPost email marketing service, the act or label pays a one-off fee of £35 in the United Kingdom, €45 in continental Europe and $45 in the United States, followed by a monthly subscription fee of £5.00, €8.00 or $9.00 respectively.

According to eListeningPost, the previewed content sent on behalf of artist/labels clients to date have been played in more than 60 countries since the launch in December 2006.