Audiocoop, one of several bodies representing Italy's indies, has called on radio listeners to stage a one-day boycott of major stations that do not give "enough space to indie and new music."

Giordano Sangiorgi, Audiocoop's president, has asked listeners not to tune in on June 21, the day that the "La festa europea della musica" (the European Music Festival) will be staged in Rome.

Instead, Sangiorgi suggests that listeners that day should tune into those "Web and local radio stations that do play new music."

In a statement issued yesterday, Sangiorgi said: "Our position will of course change if, in the meantime, a roundtable is set up so that we can
talk directly to the major radio networks. These networks generally fail to play the work of independent and emerging artists, consequently
damaging development in Italian music in general."

The statement follows an Audiocoop annual general meeting held in Bologna earlier this week.

Audiocoop, along with Italy's other indie bodies such as PMI and AFI and the majors' association, FIMI, is actively campaigning for the introduction
of a "Music Bill" in parliament. The Bill features provisions to promote Italian music.

Audiocoop also stages the MEI (Meeting Etichette Indipendenti, "Independent Labels Meeting") convention in Faenza every November.