Beginning Tuesday, "The Hockey Theme" one of the longest running theme songs in Canadian broadcasting history, will be made digitally available from Warner Music Canada to all major Canadian digital music stores as a download, and mobile service providers as a ringtone and ringback.

This digital release coincides with the first official CD release of "The Hockey Theme" available at

Long considered Canada's second national anthem "Hockey Night In Canada Theme" was written in 1968 by Vancouver native Dolores Claman. It was originally commissioned by the MacLaren advertising agency in Toronto, which was looking or a commercial jingle suitable for hockey. It soon became used as the theme song for Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) televised hockey broadcasts and has been running in Canada ever since.

Claman went on to enjoy a prolific career in advertising, television, film and theatre. In 1967, she co-wrote the well-known "A Place to Stand" for the Ontario provincial government's Canada centennial project which was heard in the Oscar-winning film documentary, "A Place to Stand."

"As a hockey fan, I am excited to finally have the song available as my ringtone," says Charlie Millar, manager digital business development, Warner Music Canada.