EMI says it has become the first major label to sign a mobile-content deal in Vietnam.

Effective immediately, Ho Chi Minh City-based mobile-content distributor and aggregator Mobile Solutions Services (MSS) becomes EMI's exclusive mobile service provider for the Vietnamese market.

Mobile-music products, such as full-song downloads, master ringtones and ringbacks, will be available via local carriers. Content is sourced from EMI's entire digital catalog of international and Asian music.

A full-song download service for PC users will be launched in June as part of the deal. Only DRM-encoded songs will be available initially, with the possibility of DRM-free tracks becoming available in future.

No details regarding pricing were available at press time.

"We are very pleased to have agreed this partnership with MSS at a time when Vietnam is making such rapid economic progress," said EMI Singapore managing director Mohan Mahapatra in a statement. "The mobile music market there is beginning to emerge, and we are confident we can play a leadership role along with MSS in developing and growing a legitimate music business in the country."

According to Mohan, there currently some 19 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam, with that number projected to top 46 million by 2010.

Mohan says EMI is also working on a deal to license physical product in Vietnam, but would provide no details apart from saying that an announcement could come in June or July.